Case Study: Coca-Cola | Fairlife Milk


Create a high-end film that tells the fairlife story.


  • Given a “stiff” script, different personalities
  • historical events Limited availability & access to founders of the company
  • Shooting outdoors on a large footprint
  • Desire to shoot story as well as social content
  • Photography requested


We helped revise the script and story in pre-production to better hit the communication points the client desired. We crafted a structure for the story and developed visuals alongside the client.

We solved the scripted interviews with a  teleprompter for onscreen talent and made it feel authentic. Created an extremely detailed scheduled that went far beyond what was normal for this type of documentary production.

We created multiple camera teams to maximize content capture and created flexibility days based on schedule. We also hired a multi-talented crew that could wear multiple hats as we filmed over the four production days. 


8 unique edits to include social cuts in multiple aspect ratios.

Brand Film Deliverable: