The Meaning of Taproot

The question we’re most often asked, is: “What is the meaning of Taproot?” As a creative company, we don’t mind that it’s a little obscure, but there is an idea behind it, and we thought this might be an appropriate time to share it.

Literally, a taproot is part of a root system and is a deep, main, vertical root from which other lateral roots grow. Trees like oaks and elms have taproots, as do plants like dandelions. (Karl’s Dad was a professor of Forestry at Michigan State University, so you might say that our roots go deep—sorry, bad pun intended.)

But there’s another meaning that reveals more of why we chose the name. Figuratively, a taproot speaks to the idea of or a source of inspiration, and in some cases, strength. Now as a creative company, you might think we’re saying that we’re your source for ideas and inspiration, but the truth of the matter is—and we mean this sincerely—our inspiration actually begins with you. Your work, your ideas, and your efforts can make a difference, and when we see people doing meaningful work, it excites us to find compelling ways to share it with the world—through film.

Whether it’s a product, a service, or an idea, your work matters, and how you do it matters. If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, there’s no shortage of opportunities for good and meaningful work to be done.

We’re grateful for you and our partnerships over what was for so many, a difficult year. Thanks for making a difference. Let’s put our all into it in 2021—who knows what or whom we will inspire.

Happy New Year,

Josh & Karl