Filming Remotely – COVID-19 SAFE Production Practices


Every production company in our industry has had to adapt to the change in business seemingly overnight. The old way of doing things is no longer viable for clients and agencies.

In order to keep people safe and healthy while also continuing to work, we had to go to the drawing board and find out how we can continue to create the best possible experiences on set. We also had make absolutely certain that we comply with all safety and legal procedures regarding COVID-19.

In cooperation with the AICP and our own internal legal review we are happy to provide two sets of guidelines that are continuously evaluated and implemented in order to conduct our business safely. Below you will find several solutions that we are implementing to help our industry move forward and continuing working safely.

AICP COVID-19 Guidelines

Taproot COVID-19 Guidelines

Remote Filming

See exactly what the camera sees. We can now stream direct from multiple cinema cameras to multiple screens and devices, anywhere in the world with near-zero latency. You can view the stream on your mobile device or laptop via a secure login. We have access to some of the best technology to help agencies and organizations have a great and safe production experience while providing creative feedback entirely remotely. Contact us to learn how you can make this part of your next production. 

Zoom Everything

 Another remote solution we’ve been providing to clients is the ability to sit on set via Zoom. We’ll Zoom conference you in and connect you in a way that allows you to provide feedback while seeing everything that’s happening.

Remote Filming Demo

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