Taproot Helps Chevrolet Tell Story About Pandemic Relief

Detroit, Michigan
Taproot Pictures

Business Takes Heart

In a time of national need, Detroit-based businesses once again showcased their spirit of innovation, stepping up to selflessly work toward the greater good.

The pandemic has taken its toll across the globe. And while nearly everyone has experienced pain and anxiety, these critical days also resulted in people stepping in to help one another. Perhaps nowhere has this been more evident than in hard-hit Detroit, the home of Chevrolet. Here, stories abound of people using ingenuity, connection, and heart to raise each other up.

Taproot helps Chevrolet create story about pandemic relief:

The folks at Better Made, Detroit’s oldest snack food company, see their response to the COVID-19 crisis in much the same light as Carhartt. While millions of American workers were asked to stay home, the food company was deemed essential.

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