Film Release | 1000 Mile Dream

Taproot Pictures
Grand Rapids, MI

Film Release: 1000 Mile Dream

About the film:

Liza Dietzen has dreamt of competing as a dog sledder since learning about the Iditarod in kindergarten. Ever since, she’s dedicated the majority of her life to raising and caring for her sled dog team, fostering a deep bond built on mutual trust. In her words, “To see 12 to 16 different personalities [of the sled team] all coming together, and you’re a part of that, it’s hard to put into words exactly what it means to you…it’s magical.”

We follow Liza and her team’s journey to compete in the UP 200, a qualifying race for the Iditarod.

Production: Taproot Pictures (
Director: Karl R. Koelling
Producer: Josh Carrasquillo
Executive Producer: Anders Nordblom
Cinematographer & Editor: Matthew Bouwense
Associate Producer: Tara Plizga
Sound Mixer: Ryan Hagerman
Sound Licensing: Musicbed
Music Artists: Luke Atencio, Cowboys in Japan, Chris Coleman
Sound Designer: Christian Stropko
Colorist: Matthew Bouwense

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